Wednesday, November 27, 2013


   I haven't had a moment to breathe lately, let alone blog. 
   Just after Halloween, Ella got sick.  She was miserable for a week and nursed all. day. long!  Then I was miserable.  As she was getting well, she had a nasty cough for another week and couldn't sleep for more than an hour before waking up in  a coughing fit.  Sick babies are soo pathetic! 
   When it was all said and done, I hadn't slept for over two weeks and (TMI) my nipples were completely raw.  To make it worse, Ella had gotten into the habit of nursing a million times a night.  So she HAD to quit night nursing.  My body needed her to be done, and even though she is still nursing once a day, just before bed, it's so hard for me to let this go.  I didn't and don't want this, she keeps growing up and that makes me so sad!  She talks nonstop now and has started asserting her independence.  Where is my baby going?
   Ella LOVES to color!  She has fabulous control of her pencils/pens/markers/ crayons, or whatever else she can get her hands on!  Her favorite thing to color on is herself.  No matter how hard I work to keep writing utensils out of reach she finds one.  She writes with mostly her left hand and I love that she has that uniqueness (to our family). 
I'm pretty sure that 'read story' is her favorite thing to say, she constantly is begging me to read to her, begging Kira, Rora, or reading to her baby dolls.
She also loves her baby and is such a good Mommy, keeping baby warm with a bankie at all times.


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