Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just a little brag...

Akira goes to school one day a week.  It's the perfect amount of time for us.  She has  amazing teachers who go above and beyond. 
I am always getting pictures from her teacher Miss Jenny showing what they are up to.  I even got a video of all the kids singing Happy Birthday to her last month!
On Friday I got this series of text messages and they made me smile so I'm going to share them. 

Miss Jenny: Your kid's a fricing genius. Just thought you should know and possibly plan for a future life of ease and opulence.

Me:  Thank you and I know, why do you say that?

Miss Jenny: Random observations...answers to questions that are bizarrely accurate,,,benchmark scores...reading directions...her math game ability yesterday...abstract ability was amazing...SO much fun. 

Made my day to hear someone else sing her praises.  Love this girl!!

Oh, and she just mastered her chin stand so here is a picture of the awesomeness! 

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