Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sugar Plum sneak peak

Yesterday Kira and a bunch of the kids in Sugar Plum Tea had the opportunity to perform excerpts from the show at 4 different elementary schools here in town.  Thankfully my friend was able to let Rora come play all day and I was able to chauffer Kira and some of the other girls around.  I am not biased at all, these girls really are some of the sweetest, most inclusive kids I know.  It was neat watching the older kids look out for the littler ones.  It was also fun to enjoy the company of teenagers.  So often I dread the teen years with my girls, especially since I know what kind of a teen I was..., ANYWAYS, it made me realize that in between the hormones and battles that come with the teen years, teens are fun!  My kids will be more spontaneous, talkative and enjoyable to be around.  It will be a wild ride, but those moments will be worth it!
Enough about my personal epiphany, on to the pictures!

Mr. Anthony telling the Nutcracker story

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These kids crack me up!

Eat my hand...hehehe... ;)

Look at that jump!

Two of the best dance teachers ever!

Just showing me their serious sides...missing just one girl

Isn't he FABULOUS!?!

My camera was wigging out in this gym, but these girls are to talented not to show!

Clara and the Prince

Kira completely idolizes this lovely girl.  And her spirit is as beautiful as her dancing!

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