Thursday, May 19, 2011

Atlanta aquarium

Easter weekend we took a quick overnighter to Atlanta to go to the temple open house. Friday morning we left early to go to the aquarium. I was all hyped up to go. Unfortunately, even though it is the worlds largest, I wasn't very impressed. When we got there the line to buy tickets was crazy. I kept thinking how inefficient it all was. As we went around the attractions Josh and I kept laughing about how Disney World has spoiled us. Their were so many people there and no clear line of movement. We learned quickly that if Kira wanted to touch a fish we had go for it. We couldn't hold back patiently because every time we did someone cut infront of us. It didn't help that Kira kept begging to leave so we could go to the temple. She could care less about anything but being at the temple. It was adorable!
I was very impressed that both girls touched a stingray (well, Rora couldn't reach it, but she sure tried!) and a sea anemone.
All and all it was fun, but not a place we will go back to.
Up next: ATLANTA TEMPLE TRIP! It was epic!
*and since im exhausted and heading to bed, if you want to see pictures, look on facebook. :)*

Monday, May 16, 2011

The storm

So I thought I would backtra6ck on my blog posts. Starting with the most recent. The tornados.
Im sure you all know that we had one of the largest amount of tornados at one time in the history of Alabama. (Most recent comparison was in the 1970's.) The thing you have to understand is that the news over dramatizes every tornado here. Except this one. We had more advanced warnings since Josh watches the weather (and Matt who I babysit for is a weatherman.) Of course, I ingored them both. They say it all the time and the tornado's always miss us. Of course, when you cry wolf to many times everyone laughs it off. Until it really is a wolf, or a tornado(s).
The girls and I went into the closet when it got dark outside. Within a minute we could hear the thundering roar of the tornado that passed our way. We all made it through unscathed, with little damage to the house (garage door bent out of shape and a few shingles need to be replaced where a branch hit the house and slid to the ground.) Our neighbor a few houses down had a tree fall through her bedroom and the girl that lives across from us saw the tornado (that didn't touch down in our area) take her roof off as she was carrying her baby down the stairs to safety. Her whole upstairs needs to be gutted because of the water damage.
We had Kira sleep in our closet the entire time the power was out. At first it was because of all the damage and the storms weren't done. After that when we had no power and neighbors were having burglary attempts on their houses, (4 attempts in our niehborhood that we know of)
All that said, I actually enjoyed having the power out - as long as I ignored my laundry room :) All our neighbors were home and since the weather was fantastic we spent the entire time outside. Kira was in heaven playing with her friends all day. It was such a great sense of community. I almost wish life would be put on hold again for a day or two just for that.
Of course we found a few holes in our emergency plan, but all things considered we were prepared and it was such a relief to know that.
I am so grateful that we live in a time with hot water, washing machines, vacuum, etc. I am also grateful for a Prophet who coucils us to be prepared. Have a great evening everyone! Hopefully Ill have time tomorrow to post about our trip to Atlanta and the sweet excitement Kira felt at the temple.