Friday, May 28, 2010


Today was P day! We started off by POSING for PICTURES. This is one of Kira's favorite things to do. Then she PRACTICED writing 'P'. She has great handwriting for being only 3! Next we talked about PARROTS and some of the things we wanted to learn about them. The main thing Kira wanted to know was what do they eat? So off we headed to the gardens where they had PARROTS on display. She was a bit freaked out by the PARROTS and wouldn't get very close, but the keepers were great and answered our questions. We learned that PARROTS eat a lot of the foods we eat. They eat fruit, vegetables and nuts. Sounds yummy to me! We also took time to see all the PRETTY PLANTS while we were there. After all that fun, we had just enough energy left to come home and PLAY for a bit before rest least, I needed the rest... :P

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long O

Today we learned about the long 'O' sound. We had a blast! We went to the 'Land of OBEY.' We practiced being obedient and danced to the music. (Obedience by Janeen Brady) Then we made OATMEAL cookies by OBEDIENTLY following the directions. When our cookies had cooled we played store and I came and ORDERED a cookie, which we enjoyed sharing. It was a very fun lesson!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Short O

Today was a fun day! We did our 'O' activities after quiet time to break up the afternoon. It's working out especially well since we will be eating OLIVE OMELETS for dinner.

We started off by making an OBSTACLE course. It was fun to try creative ways to use everyday OBJECTS. Kira was crawling through the bassinet, under the table, jumping over the neclaces and climbing in the strawberry buckets! It was also a great way of expending energy!
After the obstacle course, we made an OCTAPUS. She cut, colored and glued him together...and didn't forget a bow in 'her' hair :) We ate OLIVES and practiced writing 'O' as well. It was great! Bring on the long O tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today was N. We started off our morning by going on a NEIGHBORHOOD walk. It was fun to count to NINE and point out the NINES on the mailboxes. Really hot, but fun. When we got home we read The NUTCRACKER to NINE of her toys. Then we listened and danced to music from The NUTCRACKER. Afterwards she practiced writing 'N.' She did great. We made 'N's with NUTELLA and then had NUTELLA and popcorn for a snack. The morning was capped off with a NAP and a visit to go see a NURSE at the drs. office. It was a great day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

'M' fun!

Today we started off summer with a bang! After deciding that we needed something to do each day so the summer goes by fast, I decided that we need to review all the letters she worked on over the school year. So we started in the middle of the alphabet with the letter m.

Our morning started off by going to the MARKET and finding all the foods that start with 'm'. Kira had a blast! We found mushrooms, mangos, mayonnaise, macaroni, milk, muffins, etc. We decided to buy a muffin for our morning snack.

We headed over to the MALL to share our MUFFIN and play for a while. It was great! Both the girls enjoyed it.

When we got home it was time to write the letter M. Kira wrote it great many times and with MINI MARSHMALLOWS she free-wrote a large 'M.'

By now I was in need of a break so Kira got a surprise and was able to watch an episode of MICKEY MOUSE clubhouse while I cleaned the house. It was the perfect amount of time.

Then we made a MACARONI necklace and MICKEY MOUSE cookies. It is so fun to do projects with Kira. She is so creative and makes all activities fun!

While our cookies were baking we ate MACARONI and cheese for lunch. After enjoying our cookies it was time for nap.

I am so excited for tomorrow and coming up with fun and creative ways to reinforce the rest of the alphabet! It was a great MONDAY in MAY!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Preschool is over for the year. Kira's last day was yesterday. It's amazing to see the progress that she has made over the year. When we started preschool so only knew the letter 'A' and her numbers. Now she knows almost all her letters, plus the sounds they make (including the letters that make two sounds) and is starting to understand counting by 10's and simple addition/subtraction. She can write her full name, and has written an entire letter to Uncle Tanner.

I am so excited to review everything with her this summer so she can start fresh next year. For being only 3 she is such a smart, talented and sweet child. By the end of the school year for show and tell, i'd tell her which letter they were learning and she would go get something that started with that letter, ON HER OWN! In contrast from the first week when she didn't know that 'b' said 'b.' Now you ask her what letter time starts with and she'll say 'T.' Or what letter does 'retro' (one of her favorite words) start with. She'll say 'R.'

She has grown in other ways this year as well. She helps with EVERYTHING around the house. From putting the diapers in the pail, to putting away the dishes - on her own, to keeping her room clean. She has had her first grounding, the neighborhood kids come over to see if she can play, she has voluntarily donated to charity and most importantly has become a great big sister. I love my sweet Kira.

Part of me is a little sad that she is growing up so fast. Where did my baby girl go? My toddler? Now I have a preschooler who has memorized a scripture for primary and has read 'hat' 'cat' 'rat' and 'mat' all on her own. I am excited to see her continue to develop. To see the woman she becomes.

Goodbye to this year of school. I am loving the learning that comes and mostly look forward to next year, and the next, and possibly even the next. At least Rora is still a baby for now.........

Monday, May 10, 2010

Disney World!!!...again!

We are on the countdown to Disney World! We are going September!! 118 days to go!

The great thing about Disney World is that as a mom I can watch Kira transform into a princess. I can see her fantasys come to life. Its so great. Disney is helping to turn me into a much more feminine version of myself. I love to see Kira dressed in her princess dresses and for this vacation I am attempting to make a fluffy tutu/skirt for Rora to give her a 'princess' feel. Josh jokes that next thing you know I will be dressing up myself. HAHAHAHA!!!!

I can not wait! Disney World here I come!!!!

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a wonderful mothers day. It brought back so many memories. As I was enjoying Relief Society, I couldn't help but notice the young women in the room. It made me think about when I was in young womens and doing the same thing. I remember thinking that one day I would be counted among the ranks of motherhood and how exciting it would be to be counted as a treasured mother. That the Lord would bless me with some of his precious children.

Four years ago I was pregnant on mothers day. I was just beginning to understand the love of a mother and what that means. One year ago I had the best mothers day gift any mom could get. I found out I was pregnant with Aurora. Having already had Akira, I was able to grasp so much better the joy of being a mom and how my entire world would change again. This mothers day was perfect. I have two beautiful children. My mom is still here to thank, and my dear sweet Josh did everything he could to make the day special. I felt like a queen. Josh doted on me all day. I didn't clean, or change a diaper, all I did was enjoy myself. Even greater than all that was that the words used were no different than on any other day. I felt special, yet Josh makes me feel special every day. I always feel valued as a wife and mother. I can't ask for anything more. Thank you for a wonderful mothers day and for valuing my role everyday. I love my hunny!

I have had four wonderful Mothers Days and 3 1/2 years of being a mom. I can't even begin to express my gratitude for this. That I have been entrusted with two of the most precious of the Lord's children. I can't adequately thank my Heavenly Mother for this gift. I know how much I love my children, yet she who is perfect, trusts and loves me enough to share her children with me is far beyond my comprehension. How do you thank someone for that? Happy Mother's Day to my Heavenly Mother. Thank you for believing in me.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Just a Mom

Normally I can shrug off any comments that others make that may sting some, yet if you make a comment about the number of kids I want, or if im finished yet, or anything relating to how 'boring' the life of a mother is, then yes, I get offended.
Our society has spent so much time devaluing the roll of a stay at home mom and pushing the working mom that the average person doesn't seem to 'get it' anymore. So here is my rant:
Yes, I stay at home with my children. Yes, I want more, in fact, I want as many as the Lord will give me. If that means that I will be 'like the Duggars' -yes, I hear that a lot - then so be it.
We as a family have had to make many sacrifices for me to stay home. We budget everything, from the amount of gas money we have per week to our food, clothing, personal items, etc. Our girls wear hand me down clothing, they don't have the nicest toys, or get to go to all of the places that cost to get in, yet you wouldn't know it from looking at them. You see children that are happy, that value family dinner time and daddy-daughter dates. You see a 3 year old who knows she is princess and the only thing that her princess room needs is a picture of her castle(she wants the Salt Lake Temple.) My children are content with their lives and secure in my love for them.
My days are spent playing with children, teaching them how to clean happily, snuggling down on the couch and reading stories, making crafts with fairy magic thrown in and all around enjoying being a mom.
I take pleasure when someone else notices that I am trying my best to be the best mom that I can be. Especially when that person is a stranger. It feels great to have someone else the work I do.
On the flip side of that, I do take offense when someone says that being a mom is 'boring.' That the small joys I get from it mean that I have 'no life.' How little they understand and how much it pains me that I can not adequately explain to them the fulfillment I get from just being a mom. The joy you experience when your baby reaches for you for the first time. The frustration when the nursing baby starts to bite; the relief when that baby understands that it isnt appropriate behavior, the sadness that comes when she wants to have daddy put her to bed and not you. And i've only experienced it for 3 1/2 years! Imagine the rest of the ride.
Maybe I am just a mom, yet I wouldn't trade places with anyone for any reason. I love being just a mom.