Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Box

A couple days ago I received a phone call from a Sister in my ward telling me she had a box from a washing machine and asking if I wanted it. After I got over my initial 'how fast word gets around that my favorite toy is a box because it fosters creativity,' of course I jumped at the idea to have another box in my house. Why? Why would I want a huge box taking up space in my house that ill eventually have to shove into my garbage can? If you saw how Kira's eyes lit up when I set the box up in her room and asked her what it was then you wouldn't ask why. I could see her creativity start to flow as she first told me it was a cave, then a tent and now her house. We cut a door, a window and of course we couldn't forget the chimney. There is such magic in the imagination that unfolds from a simple box. It reminds me of childhood and being able to be/do anything you want to. One of my favorite books is Christina Katerina and the Box by Patricia Lee Gauch. It's a great story and tells quite a bit about why I love boxes, the only difference is that in the book the Mom HATES the box and in my childhood, my Mom imbraced it. She was the one who turned a ordinary car wash into a alien invasion. Who made sticks swords and shrubery hiding places from the 'bad guys.' Anyways, ive gotten a bit off track...I do LOVE boxes! Thanks for the box, the girls love it!

**Disclaimer, I have no pictures because my camera broke and we need to wait until bonus to get a new one*** (only 8 days left :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Precious Moments

With Kira, Lizzy and Anna in bed, its just been Rora and I for the last 30 minutes. I love the time I get to spend one on one with my children. There is something so profound in the simplicity of the moment and living it to the fullest. Even if we are only playing hand games with her babies.
After about 15 minutes of play, Rora brought me the book my Mom wrote about her life. She handed it to me and climbed in my lap. She the pointed to the picture on the cover and said, "Ama, ama." I read the book to her and she pointed out on every page the pictures of her Grandma, she kept going back to her baby picture and giggling. (It's a naked baby picture ;)
Rora didn't know that I was missing my Mom when I woke up, yet she could sense it. I firmly believe that she has a connection with her Grandma. It's more than them sharing the same name (Laurel), it's much deeper than that. As if Rora has that extra connection to help me get through these last 7 months and continue through the rest of my life.
Thanks to the Lord for giving me that extra something I did't think to ask for in my child. She is such a sweet girl!