Friday, May 25, 2012

Playdates and Pictures

   This past week we have been so busy! Playdate after playdate after playdate. The girls have had a blast with all their friends. Ella has been great through it all. Since she is so little all our playdates have been scheduled for outside so there aren’t as many germs. The only downside to that is that they are outside and she is so little. But she’s been a real trouper and hasn’t overheated.

    I really hate that these first weeks always go so fast. Ella is already losing the newborn pose. She isn’t as scrunched and is awake so much more during the day. She also takes a paci now. I usually don’t give my babies one until after the first month, but I really don’t want to end up with her not taking one. She has been much pickier than the other girls and I was on the third style before she would take it. I am SOO glad she takes one! I can’t imagine our drive to Arizona without a pacifier! I love watching her grow, but it’s so sad at the same time. I am so grateful that she isn’t my last, I just can’t imagine never enjoying the first days again.

   Kira is loving all the friend time and is helping around the house so we have time to be gone most of the day. She is also great at holding Ella when I need help. A couple days ago I was going through the pantry and Ella started fussing (She was asleep in her boppy). After a few moments it stopped. I came out to see and Kira was holding her bouncing around and looked completely natural. I love it! She is old enough to really enjoy having a baby in the house and the mothering roll fits her like a glove.

   Rora is just like her mother, and I’m not sure that that’s a good thing. She is so strong willed and tests me daily. But she makes up for it by being adorable to her sisters, singing me songs and randomly giving me snuggles. Today when she woke up from her nap she immediately said, “I’m ready to go! (no response from me) I’m ready to go!” To which I said, “Go where?” Rora: “I don’t know, (short pause for thinking) you always know where we go!” HAHA! She is such a hoot!

   This week my friend Jenny also took family pictures for us. They turned out so fantastic! I can’t wait until we get to our new place so I can change out all the pictures in the frames and get my walls done. Something about seeing the cutest three girls on my walls gives me the smiles!

  Well, I know it’s only 8:30, but the girls are all asleep and we are heading out really early so I’m off to bed.

Friday, May 18, 2012

My house is quiet, all 3 girls are asleep and Josh ran to the store for more diapers leaving me alone with my thoughts.  I really need to go to sleep, but all I want to do is talk to my Mom.  Tonight when Kira was going to bed she asked me not to sing her a bedtime song, usually I sing 'When Fairies Float' which my Mom wrote and used to sing to me when I would go to bed.  Instead of me singing it to her she wanted to listen to the CD we have where Mom is singing it.  I listened as her voice filled the room and am so grateful for her.  I know that one day I will be able to talk to her, but right now it's just hard.  I want her there as a sounding board, I want to share my day with her, but mostly I just want to hear her voice.  You would think since it's almost been 2 years I would be used to not talking to her, yet the ache is still there.  I can't wait for the day when I can hug my Mom and just listen to her talk.  I miss you Mom!  Til we meet again...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 weeks old already!

Today Ella is 2 weeks old!  Where did these last two weeks go?  It seems just yesterday I was eagerly anticipating her birth and now not only is she here, but there are two weeks gone that I will never get back.  Alright, I'm done being sentimental. 
These last two weeks have been crazy.  Ella came home and all I've wanted to do is love on her.  She now weighs 6lbs 9oz so she has regained her birth weight and just a bit more.  I'm really glad she isn't growing any faster.  It seems as if time is already flying by faster than I want it too.  The Lord threw us a curve ball. When Ella was 5 days old Josh got a call about a job in Arizona.  The next day he had his first interview, then the day after his second and the very next day was offered the job.  This is not the way that Verizon usually works so it's a good thing for his career.  We are moving in just 3 weeks.  It feels like I haven't had anytime to prepare physically or emotionally for this move as he didn't apply and go through the usually long process before getting the job and it has left me unprepared.  I know this is the right move for us, so I'm taking it on faith that everything will work out.  Even though I want to know everything right this moment, I know that I have to have a more faith and have put it in HIS hands.  I don't know what I would do without having the Lord to rely on through this.  I'd probably go crazy!
OK, enough about that, lets get back to my cute baby :)  She is just so darn good!  I know that the first two weeks are some of the easiest, at least for my kids, it's before colic hits, they sleep all the time and just get cuter everyday, but boy she has been a good baby!  She is a great eater, sleeps for a minimum of 3 hours between each night nursing, one night she did over 5, she is just so easy.  Alright, enough talking, enjoy the picture :) 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wednesday I went to the Dr for my 38 week checkup. She stripped my membranes and almost immediately I was having contractions. They were mildish all day and then at about 7pm they started to get closer and more painful. By 11 we were on our way to the hospital. Of course labor moved slowly, it just does for me and we got no sleep that night. Thursday morning at 9:30 the Dr broke my water (I was dilated to a 4) and I finally got an epidural! I was able to get about an hour of sleep before my epidural started to wear off. Thankfully my labor progressed very quickly from that point on and even though I felt everything, (Kind of makes me proud that I was able to give birth even though women have been doing it for millions of year!) I was able to get through the pain and Ariella Cheyenne was born at 11:10am. Kira and Rora arrived just a few minutes before the birth and were able to be there for her debut. Rora's eyes lit up the moment she saw her sister. You could just feel the connection and the love emanating from her. Magical! I of course, was an emotional mess. I started crying when it was time to push just at the thought that she would be in my arms soon and still haven't stopped! There is just something so organically powerful in the spirit that is felt during childbirth. Even Dr Maples was tearing up! Ella is such a great baby. It took her 6 hours before she was ready nurse, but once she did she latched wonderfully and has been a natural. The girls love her and love to love on her. It's great, except that Kira has a cold so were having to be extra careful. Please pray that Ella doesn't get it. Life is wonderful and we are all loving how perfectly Ella fits into our family. It is so amazing how each child brings such a special spirit right from the start. I know she was meant to come to our family now and can't believe how blessed I am to be her Mother! Happy Birthday Ariella!!
The girls waiting for Ella's debut.  Nothing like marshmallow art to keep you entertained!
Rora's first look at her sister.  Ignore the red faced Momma...crying + delivery left me that way...
Thank you soo much Jenny for letting my girls have a sleepover and then bringing them to the hospital in time for Ella's birth!  You're wonderful!
Ariella Cheyenne
May 3rd, 2012
6 pounds, 6 ounces
19 inches long
Daddy's first time holding Ella
Kira loving on her sister!
Rora couldn't wait for her turn to hold her!
Me and my THREE girls!
Poor Daddy was exhausted after labor!
Proud big sisters!
They still can't take their eyes off of her!
Thank you Dr Maples for safely delivering my Angel!
Obviously you can tell how perfect she is, but just in case you missed it, Ariella is PERFECT and I am in Heaven!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Cord Blood

I just want to do a quick post on the umbilical cord blood. For the majority of women having a baby, the baby comes out, the cord gets cut, the placenta is born and the cord is discarded. That's it. But should it be it? The cord blood is so rich in stem cells that it is miraculous. Now ideally for your child you have two options. You can either leave the cord attached so all that magical blood enters their body, or you can bank the blood in case your child one day needs a miracle. There is however, a third option that most people don't know about, donating your babies cord blood. It takes no extra effort on your part, all you do is cut the cord and the dr has to do a bit more work to bank the blood, same as you would if you were saving it for yourself. Yet the implications are huge. There are so many people that the cord blood could save, either through research, (More advancements have been made using cord blood stem cells than aborted baby stem cells, and this doesn't involve murder!) or through a transfusion. So next time you are considering having a baby, please take a moment to think about the difference you can make in someones life by donating your babies cord blood.