Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas letter 2012

Sorry I couldn't send a letter out to everyone, have a very Merry Christmas!!

   My name is Charsty Babb, and I'm preparing for the world to end on Dec. 21st. The universe is imploding because of a temporal distortion. (That means time is speeding up exponentially!) I'll try to explain. You see, it all started back in May. May 3rd, to be exact.
   On May 3rd, my life once again changed forever. Ariella Cheyenne was born, and she was perfect. I noticed the temporal distortion shortly thereafter. We found out that we were moving from Alabama to Arizona and had less than a month to move. Ella was 5 weeks old when we made our trek west. I accounted for missing hours of time then simply because I was busy with a move, a new baby, and fitting as much friend-time in as possible before we moved. I didn't realize that I hadn't lost hours simply by being too busy—the hours just weren't there anymore!
   Somehow, without my ability to account for the time, Ella is now 7 months old! Yes, I said 7 months! She loves food, toys, and getting toted around the house by Akira. She is the best real life doll, with her sweet nature, her smiles, and her desire to be right in the middle of the action!
   You may think that I have gone crazy, thinking that time is speeding up, but I have more proof for you skeptics. Aurora is about to turn 3! Ever since Ella has been born, Rora has been a big sister! How did that happen? Where did my baby go!?! She loves to read, and we sit down together often to work on learning her letters. She is picking them up quickly and her joy is infectious! She loves to do whatever Kira is doing, especially crafts. Give her a pair of scissors, paper, and glue, and she will be quiet for hours! She loves to dance and is so excited that, come January, she can start taking classes. She already comes up to me and shows me 'Tondoo, ba-mon' (Battement Tendu). Every time I turn around, she is doing something new, and her hair seems to grow an inch each week. (I know that it's all part of the temporal distortion. . .)
   So you're still a skeptic? I have yet to wow you with my evidence? Let me try again. Last night Kira noticed that her tooth was loose. I felt it; sure enough, it was loose, but just barely. This morning whilst eating her breakfast (Yep, you guessed it!), she lost her tooth. Less than 12 hours later! We both know that isn't possible. . . Somehow I missed up to two weeks of time! Who knows what tomorrow will bring! Perhaps she will be in toe shoes (her dream) instead of ballet slippers. This Saturday she gets the opportunity to be a soldier in The Nutcracker. I hope time slows down a little so I can enjoy it! Kira started playing the piano this year and is learning to love it. It's so fun to watch her figure out which note to play next. She loves all her extracurricular activities: dance, piano, home school meet-ups, weekly trips to the library, etc, etc. She
is quite the busy young lady!
   As for me, time is slipping by ever faster. I'm sure I don't need to give you any more examples—by now you must have become a true believer. Until the universe implodes, I will continue to keep myself busy. I am homeschooling Kira. I love being able to watch her learn and grow. In church I have the honor of being Rora's nursery leader (my favorite calling), and I enjoy watching her interact with—in her words— "my nown friends."  I am extra thankful that Ella still loves to cuddle and nurse. There is just something so magical about the special smiles and secrets that a baby has while nursing. On the off chance that I am wrong about the end of the world, I have decided to better myself through my sewing skills. While I never will claim to be a seamstress, I have started taking great pleasure in being able to create clothing. I enjoyed making everyone's Halloween costumes this year. Rora was Alice in Wonderland, Kira was the Queen of Hearts, Ella was the White Rabbit, I was the Cheshire Cat, and Josh was the King of Hearts. The girls had a blast with it, and Rora still insists occasionally that I call her Alice, not Rora. Wish me luck in my current sewing endeavor, making matching Christmas nightgowns for the girls!
   Josh, of course, is all on board with the world's ending. He, however, is spending his time trying to figure out how to survive it. His most time-consuming hobby right now is shooting. I happen to enjoy it as well and it makes for a perfect (And free!) family date to the range each week. He is still working for Verizon Wireless as a supervisor in technical support. He is enjoying the new environment here in Arizona. His greatest pleasure right now comes from the fact that, as Rora says, "Daddy is my favorite."

And so, as time speeds by faster and faster, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! That is, if the world is still here then!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Visit to Vernal

   We took a trip out to Utah this past week.  The drive there was great.  The girls were so quiet and well behaved.  They scrapbooked almost the entire way.  It was really cute!
We arrived Friday afternoon and then Saturday morning we drove out to Vernal to see my Dad's parents.  They hadn't seen Ella before and I really wanted them to meet her.  Monica and her girls came with us making the drive fabulous since Dad and Tanner had all three girls with them while Monica and I only had the babies who slept almost the entire way. 
   I'm so glad that I went to Vernal.  The best memory of the day happened when the girls were coming out to the living room from the bedroom, they'd take one look at my aunt and run screaming back into the room because she was a monster.  Unbeknownst to the girls my Grandpa got down on all fours and hid in the doorway.  As the girls passed he scared them.  It was so fun to watch them play. 

Grandpa getting up from scaring the girls

                                                        The girls had to take a break from playing to nurse their babies