Thursday, August 29, 2013

DIY - Gas Mask

   Kira decided that for Halloween she wants to be the kid from  Dr. Who who says, "Are you my Mummy?"  He's rather creepy and completely awesome!  *
   I didn't want to pay $25 for a fake gas mask, and I didn't want to pay $32 for a real one so I decided to make it myself.  I've been stressing out ever since because I want to make it awesome and I've never done anything remotely close to this before.  And while mine isn't perfect, it took me less than 2 hours and is good enough for Halloween.

Just getting started, cut out a piece of Vinyl(?) cut holes for eyes and mouth

Hot glued 2 small jar lids (silver) on for eyes

Hot glued 2 large jar lids together for the mouth and hot glued it onto the vinyl

Added elastic in the inside.  It rests underneath her chin.

Added and painted elastic to the top and sides(I sewed the top to the sides)
and added elastic to the the bottom with a button to fasten it after it's been put on.
I then cut circles out a pair black nylons and glued that to the inside of the eye and mouth holes.
  You can still see out and its dark enough to look good.
Blogger wont let me turn this picture...ARGH!  Even Josh tried...

And this is the finished product...Are you my Mummy?

*Yes, I am making Halloween costumes now...I will be making Polchinelle costumes for The Nutcracker that Kira is in so I want this project done so I can focus on that one.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Our trip to Utah was great.  The girls and I went up for 3 wonderful weeks.  I expected/planned to have a lot of time that wasn't scheduled, but we were so busy! 
Our first week we spent hanging out with family and friends.  Dinners, lunch dates and cousin time is always fun.  My sister Shontel had her baby 5 days after we got there.  Logan Amorim Pires is perfect! 
It was very surreal to see Shontel with her new baby.  She had a homebirth and when I saw her, hours after he was born, she looked exactly like my Mom and Logan looked like my brother.  It was  such a perfect way to remember my Mom and exactly what my soul needed.
The next few days were spent hanging with my sister and her family.  When I was a kid I never could have imagined being as close to Shontel as I am now.  But I am so grateful to watch her raising her babies and being able to talk when I need it.
Our second week in Utah took an unexpected turn.  Dad called me from work on Tuesday to come pick him up.  I rushed the hour to his work and took him straight to the ER.  He had a kidney stone and was miserable until Friday night when he finally passed it.  I'm so glad that he wasn't alone while he was sick.  While I did nothing to help, it was nice to know that IF he needed anything, he wouldn't have to try to do/get it alone. 
Because of our week in exile with Dad, our last week was as crazy and can be.  Filled with morning visits, afternoon visits and late night park visits. The girls and I were also able to go out to Vernal and see my Dad's parents.  Monica, my sister-in-law, had Makayla Red Madsen a few days before we left.  She is the tiniest wisp of a baby and still perfect.  It amazes me how different every baby is and yet they all come out perfect.  Unfortunately we were only able to see Makayla once because she ended up with fever and couldn't have visitors. 
We broke the trip home up into two days.  We spent the night at my brother Nate's near St. George.  I see Nate even less often than the rest of my family and it was so nice to have a few hours with him and hang out with MaryLynn.  The more I get to know her, the more I want to know.  Which is so fun!
The best part of the trip though, was seeing Ella get so excited when we came home.  Everyday for a week after we were home when Josh would walk in the door from work she would run up to him squealing,"Dadadadada!"

My highlights:
Swimming with my brother Dustin.  Rora was so clingy and Dusty just snuggled with her.  He also made us yummy homemade pizza for lunch.  Delish!
All the time hanging out with Jerica and Christian.
Snuggling Logan and visiting with Shontel
Playing games with my siblings, something about games just makes it feel like home!
My last night with Tanner.  He stayed until 1am and he and I just hung out.

Kira's favorite:
Sleepover with Kenzie and Braxton.  We got to play AND watch Smurfs!

Rora's favorites:
I don't know. Nothing.  I don't want to go to Utah next time.  (She's been talking this way for a few days and I *think* it's because she doesn't want to drive it again...)

*No pictures, they're all on facebook and I'm ready to go read some more of my current book (Matched - it's really good) so I'm not going to upload them here.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Temper Your Temper!

I know it may come as a shock (haha), but I have a nasty temper!  I can safely say that it is the hardest obstacle to overcome as a Mother.  I seem to take one step forward and three steps back.  Of course, it seems to get that much harder every day since Rora does everything in her power to push my buttons.  With that said, I am trying to be a better Mom and to temper my temper! 
Today was a good day.  I didn't yell when she wouldn't mind for the umpteenth time this morning, or had a meltdown because she couldn't find the right flip flop (she has two pairs of flip flops that are exactly the same but didn't want to wear the one pair and couldn't find one of the other pair...,) I didn't yell when she tap danced on Ella's toes, or when she knocked over her reward jar, or even when she knocked over her reward jar for the second time and broke it. *all these examples were from before naptime...* I DIDN'T YELL!  And for that I am celebrating.  Today, I kept my calm.  Today I was the Mom she deserves.  Today God walked with me through it all and I was better for it.  Thank you Lord for today!